Friday, 7 January 2011

Winter Wedding!

Injection some va-va-voom glamour to your winter wedding ensemble

How utterly stunning are these dresses! Just the right look for a winter wedding. Sorry haven't posted in a while, went back to school and had a lot on, we had problems with the heating and electricity and all this crap so we wasn't in school for three weeks! Then we had the Christmas holidays so you can imagine how much homework the teachers have given me! Well here's a post anyway just a quick one today...or maybe i just rant to you all about some girls at school? Hm, I think I will we all need to vent our feelings right!(; 
So, my school is just packed full of 'chavs' and it's so annoying how they walk around school like they own it when there in year 9, i mean come on....look at me i'm 14 and I own this, these kids have no sense! So here i am taking pictures for all you lovely no chavs and sometimes if i like them I put them on facebook just to make my blog more 'out there' then one of the girls comes along and says something to me on blackberry messenger about it and I was completely shocked at what she had said, I didn't know what i was going to say back i just said think you know i'm being told that i'm cocky! I'm not a angry person but things like that do annoy, also when i'm being told i dress too old? This is fashion and this is what i want to wear end of convosation but they didn@t like someone younger than them sticking up for themselves did they pffff....and then the rant ends :) feel much better now haha, sorry for the poor sucker thats reading this! Love you for actually attempting though :)

I'll reply to all your lovely comments now<3


  1. Eurgh seriously? Are the comments on your fb? I'm acting all overprotective now ;)

    I hate year 9s etc who think it's okay to demean someone else... They can't say they "rule the school" until they're in year 13 like me ;) x

  2. Pretty wedding dresses and loving their hair!:D

    Don't mind those girls, not worth it.;D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Those girls are dumb... you wear what you want to wear!

  4. You are fabulous and have more style than the majority of the world's population. Just remember that. :) And honestly, people only act or say stupid stuff like that because they're jealous. Not many girls can pull off amazing style.

    I hope you are having a great weekend, hon! xoxo

  5. Don't mine these people!
    Stay with your great style

    Fede/Fedulab ;)

  6. Aristocracy! élegance! style! LARA WOODBINE!!!...a sweet name...a sweet sugar...

  7. Those are beautiful dresses.
    Ugh, I am sorry you are habing some problems with people. I get the same problem with girls at my school because of my fashion. Never change dear!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  8. Ooh I love these dresses!

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  9. wow<3 lovely dress!!!!!!!!!xxx pls stop by sometime love to hear from you:) how about following each other??:)


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