Friday, 28 January 2011

Devil wears Prada.

This is such an amazing film!
Such a great film, this is the first time I've ever watched it everyone always said how good it was but I never new until i actually did! 

She is my favourite! A great actor no one could of played that part better.

Then there's her... amazing actor too! 
Favourite part of the film,!

Who else loves Devil wears Prada! :)


Monday, 17 January 2011

Jewellery making kit!

Had this for Christmas but I've only just opened it, normally I'm there on Christmas day opening everything I've had and attempting to play with it but then get bored leave it and move to something else, I'm like a little kid hehe. But not this, I'm not a very patient person which means I'm not artistic at fact I suck at art in lessons at school I'm just terrible. Anyway, so I decided to open my Jewellery making kit because I felt a little bored, started looking at all the little bits and pieces the one thing that annoys me though is when they pacage it up so compact and little its IMPOSSIBLE to get out, I'm like will manage to steal this out of a shop! It took me longer to get everything open than to actually make the bracelet...but that's just me. So I started to make it and it turned out quite well!...

Take into consideration I didn't you the instructions because they confused me :)....

And Wahlah! Here is my first attempt of Jewellery making!
I'm quite proud of myself...join in with the love (:

thank you to all my lovely followers! Comments are coming now.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Jessie J! new girl in town.

My new idol!
Amazing, her new song 'Do it like a dude' you have to listen. 
For you who don't know who she is,
Singer/Songwritter who's just come into the charts and has also written a song for Rihanna but then decided to release it for herself. She is a total dude! Great dress sense she's kinda punk/edgey it's amazing how it works!

^^^ favourite picture! 
She hasn't got many picture's really because she's new but I think there will be some great ones to come, I would love to see her in concert!!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Winter Wedding!

Injection some va-va-voom glamour to your winter wedding ensemble

How utterly stunning are these dresses! Just the right look for a winter wedding. Sorry haven't posted in a while, went back to school and had a lot on, we had problems with the heating and electricity and all this crap so we wasn't in school for three weeks! Then we had the Christmas holidays so you can imagine how much homework the teachers have given me! Well here's a post anyway just a quick one today...or maybe i just rant to you all about some girls at school? Hm, I think I will we all need to vent our feelings right!(; 
So, my school is just packed full of 'chavs' and it's so annoying how they walk around school like they own it when there in year 9, i mean come on....look at me i'm 14 and I own this, these kids have no sense! So here i am taking pictures for all you lovely no chavs and sometimes if i like them I put them on facebook just to make my blog more 'out there' then one of the girls comes along and says something to me on blackberry messenger about it and I was completely shocked at what she had said, I didn't know what i was going to say back i just said think you know i'm being told that i'm cocky! I'm not a angry person but things like that do annoy, also when i'm being told i dress too old? This is fashion and this is what i want to wear end of convosation but they didn@t like someone younger than them sticking up for themselves did they pffff....and then the rant ends :) feel much better now haha, sorry for the poor sucker thats reading this! Love you for actually attempting though :)

I'll reply to all your lovely comments now<3