Sunday, 3 October 2010

Tapered Trousers!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I went to my friends house for a sleepover :) Thanks for all your cheerful comments, it put me in a better mood (: 

So I went shopping yesterday because Saturdays are always shopping days for me! :D I did only buy one thing but I am in love with them :D:D:D Tapered trousers... I have wanted them for AGES and finally got them!
Topshop £38... Is that alot? :/ this is them...
And here's some celeb's who have been wearing them too :)) 

Kristen Bell.

And one of the Olsen twins :) Those girls are amazing I really do love them!

So who else like's Tapered trousers?? (: 


  1. i've never heard of those kind of trousers before..haha but by the looks of the pic, i think i'm liking them. :D

  2. I m like so much this! And your choise oh imagine!

  3. yeahyeah lara them bum from kamisha ;D

  4. lovely!! have to get me a pair!

    (new post: Milano di notte & follow me)

  5. ZOMG they were expensive!!But u'll look great in them i bet :3 I like them but I don't have the right shape for them I think. buying trousers or jeans are a pain for most girls too :p

  6. It looks chic but not for me..:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. I love tapered trousers but have yet to take the plunge and actually buy a pair. it must be done asap! I especially love MK in them

  8. I love how kristen bell is the voice in gossip girl, and the oslen twins have great fashion sense!

  9. Love this blog! great!
    I follow you!
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  10. oh i love love lvoe them! will by some eventually prob those topshop ones they look fab xxx

  11. i really like the look of tapered trousers :) its really refreshing

  12. I really love tapered trousers! But I can't pull them off - of course you can though! You'll look so lovely. Thanks for you comment, I've just done a new post =) But thanks again, you very sweet! Panda xo


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