Monday, 11 October 2010


Photography post today :) 
Parts of my collage on my wall.
My littlest guitar :') 
Painting :) 

I love taking picture's its just getting ideas of what to take picture's of :/ Any ideas I've been stuck for ages!

What do you think of the one's I have done so far? I no I'm not that good yet but i wil get better :D 

Have a great week! <3


  1. I love photograph in woods and by lakes while the sunset is going down and of roses. Its just supper beautiful :).

  2. I love photography too and I think these pictures are good!:D

    Keep on taking pictures, practice makes perfect!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. that's a cool guitar. :D you did great on the photos.

  4. That Guitar is awesome! How many do you have?
    Love your blog, and thanks for the ultra sweet comment! Just did a new post too, if you were interested. Thanks again! panda xo

  5. great pictures! now following you :)

  6. I love collages like that! It's great to keep memories in this way.
    You definitely should photograph much more!


Honest opinions! :) ♥