Sunday, 26 September 2010

Unusual = I like!

Here are the items I brought from London there's not many but there all pretty awesome :D

This is one of the gloves.What do you think? & Does anyone think these are Gothic because my dad told me they were and I'm not saying I don't like the Gothic look but I'm not a Goth! .x

.My l o v e ring :) Sorry it's not very clear I have messed with the settings on my camera and kind of messed it up a little... I'm in the process of fixing (shacking it around like its broke and pressing lots of buttons :))

Sorry about the quality of this too! This is my favourite ;D so unusual! :) <3

What do you think?



  1. that ring is so cool!


  2. I LOVE the gloves. They're not to Gothic. It depends on how you wear them. If you wear an entire black outfit with chains and black lipstick, then .... yeah ....

    This reminds me of when I came back from London with a red and black striped corset. My friends and family were like, "That's not your style!"




  3. Very cool fingerless mitts. Love the ring too!

  4. Love the ring & the gloves are nice!

  5. Its probably the black nailpolish that gives it the gothic feel. Ohhh I just bought a lot of rings last week too! :) You can see them on my blog, if you like.

    -Gayle from

  6. Hmmm I tried to leave a comment just now and blogger stopped working! Eep! Well just in case you didn't get it, just wanted to share my love for those fabulous black gloves! xoxo

  7. they ay that greeboish lol frm kamishaaaaa xxxxxxxx


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