Friday, 24 September 2010


I'm back! :) London was great, we went to watch The Lion King at the theatre (: It was fabulous the make up and costumes and choreography was amazing! Next day my favourite... (what i like to call) Hobby :) ever!
ShoppingShoppingShopping! :) I had a few items of course hehe. Some gloves 4 rings which you wear on one finger what make the work love :) some REALLY cool tweasers with little Chinese people calved into it :D So cute! So those photos will be here on the next post!

What I'm loving at the moment is STYLE BIRMINGHAM :) Because I live near Birmingham so it would be the closest to a fashion show I have... I haven't been but I read about it :D

The Magazine. 
George Lamb... The legend! 
Has anyone been? :) 
Have a great weekend!!


  1. thanks so much for your sweet comment!
    no honestly said, I´m living too far away :(
    regensburg is not really the nearest city to birmingham :D

  2. i wanna see wat u bought ^^ and i hope u get a chance to go the fashion show maybe next year?

  3. I wanna see what you bought :). Thanx for all the comments on my blog :) Really appreciate it :).

  4. so much love for the lion king! i saw it when i was little, so i can't really remember it all too well, but the bits i do remember were good (: i want to go to birmingham! i guess the novelty's worn off for you as you live there, but i'd like to visit


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