Wednesday, 15 September 2010

It's thinking time.

OK... So I have grown a desire for photography :) I love to look at picture's taken of the weirdest thing ever but they just look so beautiful! I've decided to try it myself... It my fail BADLY but I'd love to try and see what different picture's I could make look beautiful too :))
If this works then I would like to not only have this blog as a fashion blog but to have some of it to do with photography too!  What do you think?

Also I would like to ask you opinion on my layout and background and stuff... Who thinks my old one is better that the one I have now because I'm having second thoughts :P 

Sorry I haven't done an outfit post for AGES! I've been so busy what with Homework and other silly things school make you do like that but I will try to get one to you soon :) 

... Over load of writing but I have been doing alot of thinking this week ;) 

Tell me your opinions on all :))

Love, Laraa; x 


  1. if you want to mix fashion and photography on your blog you should deffo go for it! And i like the colour of your blo at the moment!



Honest opinions! :) ♥