Friday, 20 August 2010

Did you miss me? ;)

Hellooo bloggers :) I've missed you very much! but I'm back now :D While I was there I had a little peak at all you comments on my phone thank you so much they were very sweet :)
So I've been in Weymouth had a GREAT time :)
Because there were boys who came with us we had to go fishing and crabbing :( I had a go at crabbing and well... It didn't go very well I threw the bottom thing out but the whole line and the end of it went into the sea (Ooops) :P BUT I had a little walk around the town WOW! There were so many little vintage boutiques they were just beautiful I wanted EVERYTHING! My mum had this really pretty scarf I might just 'borrow' a few times ;) There will be lots of picture's too come don't you worry we went to a castle it was amazing and I got some really cool picture's

Here shortly..:)

Love, Lara.x


  1. crabbing and fishing sounds like fun^^ and i miss ur posts too ^^

  2. aww, welcome back :) sounds like you had a great vacation!

  3. wow you must have had an awesome time. i'd like to have a go at crabbing..but i'm scared of their pincers. haha

  4. I missed you too! I just came back from a 4 day trip myself, no time to visit blogs. I also visited quite a lot of organic fair trade little boutiques with AWESOME clothes. Can't wait for pictures!


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