Thursday, 15 July 2010

Today I'm wearing....

This is from the Vogue website & It really annoyed me what they had done!

Ok so people send there outfits into vogue to see if they could get it on the website, I thought wow that's a great idea I should try it sometime and I will show my fellow bloggers :) BUT!, as any normal person would I looked at a few what had been selected there were.... OK but not as good as I had saw some people's outfits on there blogs. So at the bottom of the picture of the outfit there's a comment to say what they were wearing and stuff like that. But then you can comment on the picture like you can on a blog so I was going to comment right but I always look at other people's comments just before I actually post it :) So I was looking and I saw an anonymous now in the past I've saw an anonymous & it's always been a nasty comment because there too coward to own up to who ever said it! So I read this anonymous message and it said that Vogue only chooses the people who have alot of money by having all the designer labels and i think it's wrong! I think you should give other people a chance! When I read that message I looked through all the others and this person was absolutely right! They did only pick the people with designer clothes and things! I wasn't very pleased! What do you think?


  1. I don't read vogue, but that's sad! =( Not everyone can afford designer. Not everyone needs designer to look good, and not everyone looks good in designer.

  2. thats sucks and anoymous comment so cowardly :/


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