Saturday, 31 July 2010

OldieWorldy :)

So if you read the last post I did You'll know I've been to a museum :) It was all about the history and how people lived in the olden days as I like to call it :) So here's a few picture's...

You'll soon realise I was obsessed with the car's in this place! :D

I would love my room to be really old and things maybe like the second picture :)
What you think?

Excuse the hands in the 3rd picture ;) *Hello Brother*

I apologise for the over load of picture's but there pretty cool don't you think? :)

Lara x


  1. i cann see youu had a LOT of funn likee always -_- mwhahaha. im glad u liked itt, lovee the pictures they are goooood :) x

  2. They're so cool and interesting! Imagine if your room is a museum!! I can't wait to see Harry Potter too! xoxoxoxoxoo

  3. love these pics! I love the record player :)

    thankyou for commenting!


  4. agree ^^

    i love the photos, too ;)

    Xoxo ♥
    Pinkie Anggia

  5. amazing how the technology changes... and how 'primitive' things were not so far ago...

  6. The third picture! <3
    Might print it off and put it on a canvas for my Vintage room :)
    Give it me when you next see me??

    Looks like a good trip, You had fun?
    Hollie'QueenBee. x

  7. Can i have one of those old cars, please? Thank you.
    + Thanks for the lovely comment, I'm sorry for the late reply, and i just did a new post on some very exciting news. Check it out?
    Panda xx


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