Sunday, 11 July 2010

Fashion à la Caprice & Queen Bee.

Today.... I teamed up with my best friend Hollie Gwinnett from Queen Bee. We decided to go for a walk :).... Taking the camera of course duhh :D We didn't take many shots because we kind of looked abit.. lets just say strange taking random pics on a random bit of grass with a few tree's :P So yeah, but we got a few cool ones...


  1. These photos are so sweet. I love bee's dress! + Thanks for the very sweet comment, V. much appreciated!
    Panda xx

  2. I love the tree photos! Especially the ones of your friend peeping from behind. Cute and absolutely charming.

  3. Lovely pictures!! I love the ones where you're on the tree! xoxooxoo

  4. very cute photoshoot! love your dress :}

    please visit/follow me!!

  5. babess therr like model materiall xx
    FASHIONN, you created tha wordd xx
    ilove your blogg :)
    loveyouu darhlinn' ♥♥ xx

    Lauraa ;).


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