Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Accessory's are IMPORTANT!

It just came to me! I was walking round town on this weekend and I saw this amazing girl walking (as you do) she looked amazing, but not only did she just look amazing from the clothes she was wearing it was the accessory's that made it so great! She had quite a plain top (well that's what it looked like from the back anyway) Then she turned to go into a shop, she turned so she was facing me. I looked at what she was wearing right and the plain top I saw from the back looked COMPLETELY different, she has ripped holes in this tee and then wore 4 of the same necklace, now you might be sitting at home now thinking what's this girl on about! But with 4 of the same necklace it made the outfit look more chunky and layered... My kinda style ;) If your wondering she topped it off with some acid washed jeans and some chunky platforms with a blazer! This girl's got STYLE! So here's a few of my accessory's, be WARNED I'm not very good in this section of fashion. This is a section I need serious help on :)) (feel free to tell me off for any of it thats tacky or horrid:)) Here goes....

I quite like the look of those accessory's in there, but sadly there my moms :(.

Sorry about the... not very good, quality here. I had to use a different camera. Please excuse :)

I think this is about the best necklace I have... I told you it wasn't good :/

Ok I'm going to finish with my most TREASURED item I own! No lie! This red lipstick was only £18 from Givenchy but man do I adore it!

What do you think of this then?


  1. you are so right!GREAT POST!


  2. oh i love red lipstick ^^

  3. great post, cool shoes. im obsessed with accessories!

    Cool blog as well :)

  4. Great shoes!!
    My fav accesories are bracelets and, of course, shoes!

  5. Awesome. I don't use as much accessories, but I really really hair accessories. LIke bows and pretty hair clips and flowers you can wear in your hair.

  6. i agree so much with this post!

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  7. Laraaaa i love yourr blogg it is quite just amazingg ;) xx

    robynn♥ x


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