Sunday, 13 June 2010

Who's good a drawing!?

Ok... Well I think it's about time Fashion À la Caprice had a Logo, don't you think. Thing is..... I'm not a very good drawer at all! So... Anyone who's good at drawing. Would you like to design Fashion À la Caprice a logo? If you think you can Comment on this that your doing it & then just email me @

Thanks very much!

Lara'a x


  1. what kind of logo are you looking for? like style and design XD

  2. I would. haha but one I can't draw very well either. Two, I don't have a scanner.

  3. Haa Keely. I'm exactly the same i have no talent in drawing what so ever, bu thanks for commenting :)

    Anything really Naka just looking for cool ideas :) Thanks for commenting :)

    Lara'a ♥

  4. Yoo' Your Good at drawing Best Friend is sitting here :) Speak to me about what you want drawing' Come round mine in the week <3 Mwahhahhaa



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