Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I've been thinking lately and I have decided that I am going to do more of the just text part of the posts, because I have found that my blog just goes on and on with random pictures that really mean nothing and I would rather have my fellow fashionistas to be awake and enjoy my posts than be bored and fall to sleep. Who agrees? So anyway how I promised the mini photo shoot will come soon but I wanted to try something NEW!

I have been reading 'Style Rookie' WOW do I love that blog! Its like the cooolest blog.E V E R. Tavi Rules!

Thurday at school we had a non uniform day. Those days are always the best. I looked in my wardrobe :O :O :O Nothing to wear at all, i was straight on the phone called up my cousin Kirsty she is the one who helped me start my blog up took all the photos and brought me into the FAB world of fashion, she has an amazing style. Anyway she came round my house, it had been quite sunny at the start of the week so we decided to play it safe and do 2 looks 1 if it was sunny and another if it was cold. Personally i liked the Summer look more so i was praying for it to be sunny. So it got to Thursday, I was feeling quite confident about what I was wearing, people in my school as i call them ' muggles' haven't got a clue about fashion they just wear any old thing. Its terrible. I felt like i NEEDED to sort them out, lol. So the theme of the non uniform day was ' rock your shade ' Pretty cool i think. So me and my friend walked up to school together got to the school gates took a DEEP DEEP breath. Shades on hair cool make-up right. Walked in the gates. What i was wearing: ( Summer look so i was very happy ) Stone washed short shorts bat wing top ( white ) With press stoods down the arms tarten shirt over the top or maybe tied round the waist at times and gladiator sandles. So yeah as i walked in I had a cheeky devil of a boy to shout across the school ground!!... How short Lara. Meaning how short were my shorts they wasn't even short he was just being silly so i just stared at him and he walked away. Then a few Uhh Year 8 girls walked past gave me a few lets just say... Stange looks. I just laughed, as i said they haven't got a clue! I went quite early into school, when more of my friends came we exchanged compliments and did our walk of well i call it walk of fame but you know what i mean. Imagine... Me && my Best Friend infront shades on. 2 of my other friends behinde Rocking there shades too. Then 3 other girls behind us. We looked the bee's knees. I tell you! Everyone looked at us i was like yeahh liking this ALOT!

Very happy I am now officially in the Fashion World !!


  1. ahh i love non uniform days but my school sucks and doesnt do them anymore >.<

  2. Ohh that does suck! I bet you would totally rock your style on non uniform day, your styles amazing! Thanks for commenting :).

  3. Ohh Yeshh Laraa You + Me were'nt we Rocking the School Hell Yh ;) x


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