Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Coming soon!

A photo shoot I .... well should say 'We' ( Me and my cousin did it ) went through HELL! I was on holiday and my cousin came, we decided to do a fashion photo shoot. So she she saw this field that would be GREAT to have photo's taken in there we could get some really cool pictures she said. So I got ready and we set out. She was wearing Big high heeled boots but she had jeans on, me on the other hand had shorts on with some sandals! No lie, the grass was up to my knees. We had to walk through it! I was VERY scared. This land we was 'trespassing'! On was the farmers land! We had to climb over a gate to get to it. So we climbed the gate and started walking up to this cool looking tree, kind of in the middle of no-where this tree was i thought great that will make a good background so we started walking up to it. On the was we took extra special care where we walked there was alot of thorns and i only had shorts on. We took a few pictures on the way to the tree too. When we got to the tree, there was this buzzing sound i personally thought it sounded like a bear snoring but that's just because i didn't have the common-sense to know it was a mobile phone.... anyway. We got to the tree my cousin stood quite far away from it which meant i had to walk some way on my own. Now i was scared so i started walking up to this tree here was a kind of fallen down tree trunk i thought oo that will be a good spot. Took me a while to actually get on to the fallen tree trunk my cousin was in hysterics but i finally got on :P. So yeah took a few picture away be go glad to finally get out of this place. On the way back we was walking and something just ran across the field!!! OH MY GOD we was SCARED! My cousin was screaming i was screaming louder wow was i scared i was trying to work out what it was but i was too scared to even think! We ran and ran and ran until we got back to the gate. I had a hat on. I was walking and smacking the grass with my hat! You could imagine.

All that just too post you guys some good pictures aye! x



  1. Hurry up then :)
    Right I NEED To meet Kirsty Alright!!

    You tell her you say Yo Kirst Hollie wants to meet you then she'll be all Oh Oka then :)

    Anyways Good Post

  2. Hollie - You will meet her sometime don't you worry (: x

    Naka - It's going to be G R E A T ! Thanks :)

    Miri - Thanks for commenting!


  3. Laraa your comment on my Blog. No i found those Pictures on Google ;) x

  4. Ohh ok lmao. Send me the link you was talking about then yeah :). Post in on my wall n FaceBook (: Love'You'x


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