Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Home is where your story begins.

Haven't done much lately. Apart from listen to music! Who just loves the song Fire with Fire - Scissor sisters? I know I do...None stop on my ipod every morning & night, Hell yeah! School works getting pretty tough, moving up into year 8 and all! Who's had experience on year 8? Really don't know what to expect. My goal at the end of year 7 is to get all my friends into fashion! Its worked on my best friend... Hollie Gwinnett, she's even got her own fashion blog now! Just got to work on the rest of them all :) End of year exams coming up soon! Wish me luck!

Monday, 28 June 2010


Miri from 'Mystique-glamour! Thank you very much for this 'One little sparkling blog' My first ever award :) !!

One of the rules of this award is to answer the question: What do you like the most about your own blog?

I'd say that my favourite thing about my blog is quite straight forward: It allows me to just express how much I truly love fashion! Yeah maybe I'm still getting the hang of it but post by post is giving me more and more inspiration!

Right so I now pass this along to:
Le Love
Stud Muffin
English Eccentric
Romance Is Boring.
Into The Fold
the glamourai
Karolina K.

1. As soon as you took this award, make a blog-post about this,
answer this question : "What do you like the most about your own blog?"
2. And pass this award to another ten lovely ladies (pick different people)

Hope you enjoy your award! I sure did :) x

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Best Dressed 24/6/2010.

IT was a battle of the brights on the world's red carpets this week. Jessica Szohr positively pulsated in Jenny Packham at the Much Music Awards, where she had hue competition from Katy Perry in an aqua Ashish dress.

On this side of the pond, Cheryl Cole held her own in a tomato red Versus dress at the X-Factor auditions in London (see what else Cheryl has been wearing at the auditions), and Kylie Minogue teamed a Lara Bohinc necklace with her cobalt gown in France.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Favourite Posts from other blogs.

Nakas Net.

Into the fold.

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Romance is boring.

Stud muffin.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Freak of Nature.

Ok guys! Me & my best friend have made a fashion blog together. It's called Freak of Nature, but sadly no-one knows about our blog :( So i thought i would make a post of it on here :) So the website is http://larahollie.blogspot.com/ We have done our first post. I think its pretty dam cool :) Enjoy! <3

Lara'anne x

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Who's good a drawing!?

Ok... Well I think it's about time Fashion À la Caprice had a Logo, don't you think. Thing is..... I'm not a very good drawer at all! So... Anyone who's good at drawing. Would you like to design Fashion À la Caprice a logo? If you think you can Comment on this that your doing it & then just email me @ foxyroxy-8@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks very much!

Lara'a x

Friday, 11 June 2010

V festival Line up 2010!

Wish i could go ): !

The Editors.

Newton Faulkner.


Amy Macdonald.

Calvin Harris.

The Charltans.

Chase Status.

David Guetta.

Ellie Goulding.


Florence & the machine.


Groove Armada.


Kate Nash.

La Roux.



Paloma Faith.

Paola Nutini.

Paul Weller.

Pet shop boys.

Skunk Anansie.

The Kooks!

So wish i could go! Anyone going, if you are I'm JEALOUS!

Lara'a x

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Coming soon!

A photo shoot I .... well should say 'We' ( Me and my cousin did it ) went through HELL! I was on holiday and my cousin came, we decided to do a fashion photo shoot. So she she saw this field that would be GREAT to have photo's taken in there we could get some really cool pictures she said. So I got ready and we set out. She was wearing Big high heeled boots but she had jeans on, me on the other hand had shorts on with some sandals! No lie, the grass was up to my knees. We had to walk through it! I was VERY scared. This land we was 'trespassing'! On was the farmers land! We had to climb over a gate to get to it. So we climbed the gate and started walking up to this cool looking tree, kind of in the middle of no-where this tree was i thought great that will make a good background so we started walking up to it. On the was we took extra special care where we walked there was alot of thorns and i only had shorts on. We took a few pictures on the way to the tree too. When we got to the tree, there was this buzzing sound i personally thought it sounded like a bear snoring but that's just because i didn't have the common-sense to know it was a mobile phone.... anyway. We got to the tree my cousin stood quite far away from it which meant i had to walk some way on my own. Now i was scared so i started walking up to this tree here was a kind of fallen down tree trunk i thought oo that will be a good spot. Took me a while to actually get on to the fallen tree trunk my cousin was in hysterics but i finally got on :P. So yeah took a few picture away be go glad to finally get out of this place. On the way back we was walking and something just ran across the field!!! OH MY GOD we was SCARED! My cousin was screaming i was screaming louder wow was i scared i was trying to work out what it was but i was too scared to even think! We ran and ran and ran until we got back to the gate. I had a hat on. I was walking and smacking the grass with my hat! You could imagine.

All that just too post you guys some good pictures aye! x


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Here is one of my inspirations to fashion...

Alexander Wang Legend!

Pre fall 09

2010 Collection

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I've been thinking lately and I have decided that I am going to do more of the just text part of the posts, because I have found that my blog just goes on and on with random pictures that really mean nothing and I would rather have my fellow fashionistas to be awake and enjoy my posts than be bored and fall to sleep. Who agrees? So anyway how I promised the mini photo shoot will come soon but I wanted to try something NEW!

I have been reading 'Style Rookie' WOW do I love that blog! Its like the cooolest blog.E V E R. Tavi Rules!

Thurday at school we had a non uniform day. Those days are always the best. I looked in my wardrobe :O :O :O Nothing to wear at all, i was straight on the phone called up my cousin Kirsty she is the one who helped me start my blog up took all the photos and brought me into the FAB world of fashion, she has an amazing style. Anyway she came round my house, it had been quite sunny at the start of the week so we decided to play it safe and do 2 looks 1 if it was sunny and another if it was cold. Personally i liked the Summer look more so i was praying for it to be sunny. So it got to Thursday, I was feeling quite confident about what I was wearing, people in my school as i call them ' muggles' haven't got a clue about fashion they just wear any old thing. Its terrible. I felt like i NEEDED to sort them out, lol. So the theme of the non uniform day was ' rock your shade ' Pretty cool i think. So me and my friend walked up to school together got to the school gates took a DEEP DEEP breath. Shades on hair cool make-up right. Walked in the gates. What i was wearing: ( Summer look so i was very happy ) Stone washed short shorts bat wing top ( white ) With press stoods down the arms tarten shirt over the top or maybe tied round the waist at times and gladiator sandles. So yeah as i walked in I had a cheeky devil of a boy to shout across the school ground!!... How short Lara. Meaning how short were my shorts they wasn't even short he was just being silly so i just stared at him and he walked away. Then a few Uhh Year 8 girls walked past gave me a few lets just say... Stange looks. I just laughed, as i said they haven't got a clue! I went quite early into school, when more of my friends came we exchanged compliments and did our walk of well i call it walk of fame but you know what i mean. Imagine... Me && my Best Friend infront shades on. 2 of my other friends behinde Rocking there shades too. Then 3 other girls behind us. We looked the bee's knees. I tell you! Everyone looked at us i was like yeahh liking this ALOT!

Very happy I am now officially in the Fashion World !!