Sunday, 9 May 2010

Just some pictures i've took a shine to :) Xx

I've been browsing some of my favourite blogs over the weekend and heres some of my favourite pictures with the picture cred underneath. . . Enjoy !

Photo Cred : A Fashion Geek.

Photo Cred : A Little Rae Of Sunshine.

Photo Cred : The Knight Cat.

Theres lots more but these three are my favourites. Now i have got the hang of doing new posts and things on my blog, i am looking to get it big! I have lots of inspiration from the blogs i follow so i would like to say thank you too all of those people for inspiring me :).


  1. fab photos lara!


  2. Hey honey, amazing pictures you have here! Your blog is sweet :))
    If you want to, feel free to follow me, doll (if you followed already, there was some inconvenience, cos it does not show up :))

    Get back to me sweetie

  3. Hello , thankyou yours is too. Yes ive followed you lol. Your blogs well cool :)

    Lara Xxx

  4. lovely hair bands =)

    stop by our fashion blog =)

    xx .sabo skirt.

  5. Thanks i love them too :). I will totally check out your blog, thanks for the comment.xx


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